Most vanity plate blogs die. A lot of them post boring shit that they can’t even figure out. (Just because JKM 24 is a custom plate doesn’t mean it’s worth posting, UGH.)

But the guy who runs http://vanityplat.es/ deserves a lot of credit. The blog goes way back. He updates it frequently. He spends more time dissecting some plates than I did dissecting poems for papers I wrote in college. His tags are organized. And he has the best URL of all time. I know most people don’t take vanity plates as seriously as I do (oh wait, so does the guy behind the aforementioned blog), but if you also do, he’s worth checking out.

But ya know…. don’t forget to read my blog too, k???

Oh, such kind words about my long time, sort of mild obsession with (and blog about) vanity plates. I only wish I was that organized or frequent an updater. If I could find a way to turn it into a talk show or something, I’d do it in a second.

At best, I’m failing forward with a modicum of grace and dignity with the site. I’m a lot more “active” (if you can call it that) with vanity plate spotting over on Facebook. Please check out the latest iteration of “Plate Show” there at http://www.facebook.com/plateshow