So this only took 100 days.

Nespresso’s web site and marketing are really poor. Dealing with Nespresso in my numerous attempts to simply check on the status of this promotional credit (3 1/2 months to process) was very frustrating because they seem to have no automated systems at all.

Reading my “Congratulations” message pictured here, their footnote makes it clear that even their online shopping cart system is not set up to handle simple things like promotional credits:

While this credit will not be visible upon logging into your online Nespresso Club account, please be aware that the credit will automatically be deducted from your next order at the time of credit card processing. You will not see the $100 deduction on your total.

Seriously, you’re selling at home espresso for 75¢ a shot. You can definitely afford to bring your Internet marketing and systems past 1999. Your machine is awesome. The pods are worth the cost. Why not step up your game to make it seem like you know what you’re doing? Right now it’s obvious that you do not.

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