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Documents Reveal That The Government Worked With Big Banks To Crackdown On The Occupy Movement

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Single Bagger Theory

I was a very proud grocery store employee for 5 years back in the 80’s. I started as a bagger. They actually trained us the right way to “pack” groceries back then.



We’re About To Be Living In A Drone-Filled World
Megan Rose Dickey,


When we hear about drones, some of us tend to think about war, destruc­tion, lost lives, and other hor­ri­ble things.

But there are sev­er­al other use cases for these unmanned aer­i­al vehi­cles that have noth­ing to do with…

Business Devices Robots

Personal Drones

Personal Drones like Personal Computers
Sam Harrelson,

The Drones Are Com­ing – Busi­ness Insid­er: “For exam­ple, if you’re a surfer who wants footage of your­self tear­ing up the waves, you would press a but­ton on your ‘follow-me box’ and the droid would fly out to you, posi­tion itself above you, …

I want a FLEET of these things!


∞ What’s the difference between Holland and The Netherlands?

∞ What’s the difference between Holland and The Netherlands?


Homeless Diabetes

#homeless #diabetes #dc (at WMATA Bus Stop #1002867 (S1, S2, S4, S9))

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Apple Maps Fail

Here’s how ridiculously Apple Maps sucks today…

BCC High School is located in Bethesda, MD. It’s not far from the location you see here on the map if you’re in San Diego or something, but it’s definitely nowhere near this spot, which is actually Northwood High School in Silver Spring.

So, it’s clearly marked as BCC. But it’s Northwood.

When you click the icon (a feature of Apple Maps I actually love a lot), the location screen shows the correct address for Northwood, but it’s labeled BCC. Students at either school might be able to get away with using this as an excuse for missing class at least once, right?

I can't make it to school today. I'm lost.

Kids Shopping Women

Quality Shopping Time

…and so it begins 💸


New York City just approved a pilot program that will allow riders to hail cabs on their smartphones



New York City just approved a pilot program that will allow riders to hail cabs on their smartphones, paving the way for app-building upstarts trying to make the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

This should be a boon to Uber — and stranded cab riders everywhere.

This is great news. Uber and others are truly useful. It has been upsetting to see the taxi industry winning in their effort to stop this type of innovation. Good ideas should always be supported and embraced.

I wonder how long it will take Apple to just build the functionality to hail a cab into their maps? Oh wait, they fired the maps guy and their maps sucks. Okay, I guess Google will do it for us!



I don’t actually row, but should probably start! #apple #row #tshirt (at Kensington Cabin Park)