The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Icky AirPods

So I finally DID this. Not super difficult.

It’s like I have new AirPods now. Noticeable improvement in sound quality and no more cringing every time I look at them before sticking them into my ear holes!


Tumblr no more!

I deleted over 7,000 posts from the “old” Tumblr instance of

I know Tumblr was acquired by Automattic, but the way it was being managed after Yahoo pawned it off to Verizon made my inner-geek long for recycled electrons that just weren’t there. So I decided to start yet another WordPress blog and go at this once again.

Not so ironically, a long ago failed attempt at this WordPress wizardry is what led me to Tumblr back when it first launched. It was awesome for longer than most things that come and go online. Certainly leaps and bounds beyond my own failed startup experience at 😎