adagio teases me

I love tea and I buy a lot of tea. I recently found out about adagio teas and, since they offer a gift code, I decided to place a $50 order ($50 qualifies for free shipping). The $5 gift code would give me a nice assortment of new teas to try for under $50. It is likely they would gain a repeat customer because of my tea obsession.

Last week I attempted this order and found that my $50 order somehow turned into a higher dollar amount when processed by the adagio teas web site’s shopping cart.

Picture 3

Frustrated by this, I took the time to send them an email, explaining that my order actually totalled exactly $50 and that the shopping cart was giving me an incorrect total, but I never got a reply. I had almost forgotten about this, never to return to adagio teas for any tea purchase, when I received a “Friendly Reminder” email with the $5 gift code I had failed to use in my botched shopping cart order…

OK, but your math doesn't work!

I immediately assumed these guys were on the case and had sent me this message to let me know all was well and that I could go ahead and place my my $50 order (with $5 off), so I went back to the adagio teas web site with glee and excitement over the tea I would order there.

After going through the process of, once again, selecting exactly $50 worth of products from the site and going to check out with my $5 gift card, the incorrect total was presented once again. It’s not the money, but the principle that they failed to respond to me as a customer the first time on the incorrect total issue. The fact that the adagio teas web site gave me an incorrect total is also an issue to me, but not so much because of the few dollars.

I expected to pay $45 for my $50 order with the promo offer and was presented with a new story before I had my credit card out. This is what can only be classified as a FAIL.

I can get great tea from a lot of sources, but I always like to try new web sites that offer a great selection as does the adagio teas web site. Sadly, I won’t be buying anything from them because they didn’t take the time to respond to my email.

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