Attack of the Corn Refiners Association

There was a great article this week in the USA Today about new research pertaining to high fructose corn syrup. Check it out here:…
-Liz on behalf of the Corn Refiners Association

Originally posted as a comment by Liz

Today, I have received a half-dozen spam comments on my blog from the lovely people at the Corn Refiners Association in regards to my HFCS critiques posted a few days back. I don’t know what they hope to accomplish through spam. If you’ve got to get out your message through fake people who post form comments on blogs with links to favorable articles (occasionally posting multiple comments by the same “person” on the same post), the only thing I can deduce is that there is something wrong with you. Right now, in my book CRA ranks up there with penis enhancement drug solicitors and Russian mail-order brides. That’s not so good for your credibility.

I heard this on the morning news yesterday. I once worked for a medium sized food brokerage that had a “Quality Assurance” food science lab/kitchen facility. I ate lunch with the the QA food scientist guy who regularly explained (in mild angst) how results of an upcoming “test” scheduled for that day or week needed to show certain results.It turns out that you can make a test prove almost any result you want it to show if you set the test up properly.

The moment I heard this news “report” (which was later repeated over and over, on several stations and all morning long), I laughed because this test was “bought and paid for” just like our fancy food science lab all those years ago. It’s all about sales. Someone wants something sold, so they buy something for someone who will say something.

That’s the world we live in.

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