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Netflix Value Proposition


I am interested to know what people’s average cost per movie “rental” is? For example, since January 1, 2008, I have watched 41 movies via Netflix and I have the $13.99 per 2-movies-at-a-time plan. So I’ve paid about $2.10 per movie including tax. I wonder what $$ per movie most people come in around? Any takers?

I was watching all of The Wire and now, all of LOST on the three per week unlimited plan since April but I’m going to either quit or cut back to one at a time unlimited soon. It’s not that I don’t like LOST or the occasional movie I order.

I’ve been sitting on Battle Royale for almost a week and LOST is OK… I just don’t have much time to watch because I’m finally starting Plate Show (first show segment this week) and I have so many tasks to take care of in preparation (finishing the web site, planning shows, booking guests, etc.) that there is little time to  watch a DVD—or even to SLEEP for that matter!

My cost per “rental” from Netflix is 94¢ per DVD since April when I decided to max out on watching these shows and switched to that plan. I’ve watched 54 DVDs (almost all Wired and LOST series discs, usually a whole disk at a time and sometimes two in one night) in these three months. It’s no wonder I’m burned out and needed to start doing something else, right?