Meat Recall


OSI Group, a privately held U.S. meatpacking company, had been outsourcing some of its meat production to plants in China (Jesus, we don’t even kill our own cows and chickens anymore?!) — one of which was found to have employees working without gloves, reusing meat that had fallen on the floor, and mixing expired meat with fresh meat. Perhaps more alarmingly, they had no qualms about doing all of this in plain view of a local TV crew in 2014.


Naturally, when this came to light, many of OSI’s customers (like KFC and Starbucks) ran for the hills. But not McDonald’s. The Golden Arches decided to keep working with OSI, even after OSI was caught deliberately lying to them about the freshness of the meat, leading to recalls in a number of McDonald’s stores. Why stay with them, then? Because it’s way less expensive than getting meat somewhere less gross, which is the same reason anyone goes to McDonald’s.

The 6 Most Blatantly Evil Product Recalls Of All Time

mmmm… MEAT!

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