Crisp & Juicy (5/5)

Like Helen, I have no idea what’s in the sauce. But I love it, so it must be bad for you. I don’t think you could consider any of the food at Crisp & Juicy as healthy, but you could consider it as FANTASTIC. Of course, the chicken is excellent. Most people know this place because of the chicken, but they also have excellent chorizo, a decent steak and the flan is a dessert that you should save room for the next time you’re there. I was really surprised to see only one review here. I was only a few weeks late to be first! Again, agreeing with Helen, Crisp & Juicy certainly doesn’t need a rave review from anyone. They have a lot of happy customers talking about how great the food is and how wonderfully they treat customers. (via Shawn H. on Yelp)

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