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I finally set up a “DV” account and I’m finally dropping Godaddy as my host for a number of domain names that “seemed like a good idea at the time” (but that I never really put any time into developing. As I shed the stagnant WordPress installations and move the domains over to my new server, I am pretty clear on the fact that I may never find time to dedicate to web sites for these domains.

I’m thinking maybe some of them may be of interest to this community (please pass this idea along for others to consider). I’ve listed a six of them with a brief summary of my original blog idea for each.  I think as tumblr groups, these could be fun.

If you want to add a twist on one of my ideas here or have something entirely different that fits the name, let’s do it! originally subtitled, “indefatigably blogging the demise of traditional retail”, this has gotten a steady flow of Google traffic for searches related to various “same-store sales are down” articles I blogged about. was registered when my bank really disappointed me and I realized that they don’t actually value me as a customer. I’ve never done a thing with it since registering the name. I think it can be a very cool statement to the banking industry with the right content. is a name I thought of in 2002-3 meetings with Microsoft when we thought $10MM was too low for our six month old, now all but offline startup, textamerica. The idea was that none of the parties involved (manufacturers, software developers, and carriers) play well together and the customer pays the price. Blog posts were focussed on “greed” aspects of various news stories. This one also has had steady Google traffic related to those posts. is the model number of a barely popular, high end Nokia phone  that as now alomst obsolete. It gets a lot of traffic and I will point this one to if it is used. was supposed to be about GPS devices. Never developed. could be all about… bottled water!

All of these are now empty (on my new server). Please post here with ideas, etc.

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