Gender and the Tumblr ratio



biteofpythias wrote:

After several conversations on the topic, I am really curious about this question:

What is the ratio following to followers by gender?

please reblog or email me your answer. You don’t have to disclose your actual number of followers, just a simply say your own gender and divide the total number of people you are following by total numbet of followers and the number of months you’ve been on tumblr. **** you do not have to look at whether your own followers are male or female**** My guess is women will have a ratio of 0.75 and men will be closer to 1.8. If I get enough of a sample I’ll post the results in a couple of days.

unless marco has this data and can just answer it easily??

I’ve been using tumblr for 10 months, I’m male and my ratio is: 0.847.

I’m female, been using tumblr since December, and my ratio is 0.87

I’m male, been using tumblr since 3/22/07 and my ratio is 0.785

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