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Instagram is a great iPhone app that is so much more than the features it offers. If you have an iPhone, you should get it and, if you love it, write a review.

I wrote one a while back from the prompt given within the app, so I have been perplexed and a little annoyed by the continual prompt given each time I use the app. I know, I can (and will) just say “No, Thanks” and it will stop bugging me, but that’s not the point. I wrote a review already. Hello? Stop bugging me!

Anyway, it is a great app (I wrote a very good really short but good review). If you love it, I hope you write one too. I just hope they fix this nag screen so that it “knows” when you’ve submitted a review. It takes away from the experience.

UPDATE: Because of my prior 2 line review, I just wrote something a little more thoughtful… NOW STOP BUGGING ME!

I knew I already wrote a review! (by Shawn Honnick)

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