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Jiffy Lube Fail

Jiffy Lube Ocean City, MD

via moi

I’ve heard horror stories about Jiffy Lube, but never had a bad experience with them myself until today. I think (really hope) the oil change was OK, but the usual “jiffy” customer service just wasn’t happening at this location (Ocean City, MD). I’ve been to this one and others on Maryland’s Eastern Shore in the past and always been very impressed with the professionalism and courtesy of the folks working inside.

This one was out of my oil weight and tried (successfully) to sell me on using a different weight and, as you can see in the picture, this all happened after considerable wait time. The convenience factor of Jiffy Lube is the only thing that makes me risk going there. One friend of mine had to get a new engine thanks to a Jiffy Lube mistake!

There’s another place I prefer near home that is:

  1. Faster
  2. Less Expensive
  3. Extremely Service Oriented

Jiffy Lube in Ocean City, MD won’t see me again!

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