me and my Dad

Me and my Dad (by shawnblog)

OK, so it’s Father’s Day. I called my Dad earlier. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a visit and I’m looking forward to doing just that soon (maybe end of summer), but I can’t decide if I want to drive or fly.

I used to love driving up there because I would go see my grandmother (Dad’s Mom) on my way through New York, but she passed away. I have an aunt and cousin there still, but we’ve never been all that close.

Also, I can’t go through NYC without stopping in and spending way too much money. Plus, there are casinos in Connecticut. I haven’t gambled in a long time and I don’t really want to, but driving right by Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods always makes my mind wander.

Anyway, I probably should have taken THIS week off of work to go visit. That part of Maine where my Dad lives in the summer in a bug infested mess. Driving takes like 14 hours, so I need a week off just to recover after driving there and back.

I guess I need to plan a flight for late summer!

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