Lisa: where do you live?
Shawn: Bethesda, MD
Lisa: looking for a facility near your house for the drug screen
Shawn: if there’s one near Reston that would probably be best
Lisa: can you do the test either today or tomorrow?
Shawn: Do I need a form or something?
Lisa: nope. just tell them you are there for a UA for SPrint Nextel and they’ll give you a form to fill out
Shawn: and they do the paperwork? I love it! (I really hate paperwork)
Lisa: He’s starting the background check today
Shawn: I think I have paperwork-o-phobia (if there is such a thing)
Lisa: lol
Shawn: it looks like there is no such thing!
Lisa: maybe it’s cutting edge
Shawn: it must be if I have it

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