Reston Kabob (4/5)

It’s not bad for Reston (the land of planned community and every franchise known to the suburban hero) but certainly does not rank 5 stars in any area. Ordering is crowded at a small counter and rushed and you stand in line directly in front of the bottled drinks, forks and napkins, etc. as people try to grab what they need. The table arrangement reminds me of eating in Chinatown (NYC). Not a bad thing for me because it’s very familiar but it is also quite crowded and noisy. The food? Other than the chicken gyro salad (that “chicken” stinks), I have had good food experiences at Reston Kabob. It’s the real deal and yes, the bread is good (although I have had much better). Pricing is a little below average for this kind of food (like Moby Dick and others), so that might make up for the crowded, poorly laid out space and “good” food quality. For Reston, this is about as good as it gets though, so save your tolls and time and try it for yourself! If I could give 3.75 stars I would, so 4 may be a little kind. (via Shawn H. on Yelp)

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