Snapfish for international orders: there is no fine print, but you need to know about it… and do they even care?

Shawn: hi, I have just learned that two international orders I made recently have not been received and I am hoping to find out more about the shipment for these order numbers: __ __

Mahesh: I will check your account details. Kindly hold on for a moment.

Shawn: thank you

Mahesh: I’m sorry to hear that your orders hasn’t arrived. They did ship in a timely fashion on Nov 24, 2011. Since it hasn’t arrived yet, your order is probably delayed in the mail. In the future, you may want to order from a different Snapfish country. To select a different Snapfish country scroll to the bottom of the main page and you will see a list of all the Snapfish country options

Shawn: is there tracking info available?

Mahesh: We do not provide tracking for International shipping order. Please confirm the following shipping address is correct so that I can resend your order: ___

Shawn: that option was not something your site made clearly available. I would have certainly ordered from another site if snapfish messaging was clear that this was an option.

Mahesh: I’m sorry for any trouble

Shawn: Yes, that is the correct address

Mahesh: Please let me know if you have US address so that I can resend the order for expedite shipping

Shawn: well it’s Christmas and I paid for the order. I do not want the order in the US. That’s why I ordered a gift online. I saw no option for ordering from what you call “a different snapfish country” and in fact, when I looked into placing an international order, I started a chat here like this and was never presented with the option. At this point, I just want a refund.

Mahesh: International shipping time varies according to the country

Shawn: but you’re telling me the order was processed a day or so after I placed it which was a full month ago tomorrow

Mahesh: Per your request I have just issued full refunds on your order. It was a pleasure assisting you. Is there anything else I can help with today?

Shawn: I’ll look for that. Thank you. The site should be more clear about international shipping and certainly, the chat agent should have suggested what you immediately did.

Mahesh: I will send you a link to a page that contains that information.

Shawn: I had a very long chat before placing that order with quite a few questions about the product and about international shipping. From what you suggested about ordering from another snapfish country, it sounds like my family would have received the gifts had I known of this… Here’s is all I see on your link: You can ship your orders to friends and family outside of the United States. In addition, while we accept international credit cards and we can ship other orders internationally, we do not develop film-roll orders for users who live outside of the United States. International orders are sent via USPS Air-mail letter post. Estimated shipping times by the USPS are 4-7 business days for shipments to Canada. Shipments to other countries vary widely depending on country. Again, the messaging is not presented… something like that should stop the person ordering with a strong alert that gives options for ordering/shipping internationally

Mahesh: Yes please see this : Shipments to other countries vary widely depending on country

Shawn: I don’t doubt the messaging exists somewhere in your documentation, but I’d expect it not to be something one has to search for or that is ambiguous

Mahesh: Thank you for your suggestion, it will be forwarded to our product development and research group

Shawn: no charge—thanks for your help

Mahesh: Thank you for using Snapfish Live Support. Have a nice night.

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