UPS Driver Eating Pizza While Blocking Parking (FREE)

It always irks me that delivery vehicles just park 3-5 or more feet out from the curb, just blocking parking spaces when they’re definitely meant to use loading zones or docks where available. This particular driver was just sitting there enjoying his &pizza (not bad btw), parked here as shown—like he’s on some kind urgent mission.

it’s bad enough when they take up so much space for so long while actually providing service in and around town, but for lunch? What is the UPS policy on this? Is there one?

Death Design Emotions Government Integrity LOL Science

NIH Designated Stupid

The NIH entrance to Bethesda Trolley Trail, a popular walking and biking path, is the NIH designated smoking area. The level of stupid here is only rivaled by the smokers themselves.

Apple Phones

Apple Maps Fail

Here’s how ridiculously Apple Maps sucks today…

BCC High School is located in Bethesda, MD. It’s not far from the location you see here on the map if you’re in San Diego or something, but it’s definitely nowhere near this spot, which is actually Northwood High School in Silver Spring.

So, it’s clearly marked as BCC. But it’s Northwood.

When you click the icon (a feature of Apple Maps I actually love a lot), the location screen shows the correct address for Northwood, but it’s labeled BCC. Students at either school might be able to get away with using this as an excuse for missing class at least once, right?

I can't make it to school today. I'm lost.


A big hole in Cedar Lane!

A big hole in Cedar Lane!

If you ever drive across Bethesda into Kensington, your path is now altered. I asked one of the guys working here about the project. When finished there will be a bike lane and a better bridge. Hopefully they’ll make the road wider, so cars will be fully able to, um… share the road (since cyclists never use the path anyway).


free ice cream planning

  • Nat27: is it free icecream day?
  • me: yes – ben & jerry’s… im going back before I drive home and again when i get back to bethesda
  • Nat27: just drive around to all the diff ones – you should have taken the day off work
  • me: no doubt
  • Nat27: next year you will have to be better prepared
  • me: im gonna start planning right now
  • Nat27: make charts of all the locations
  • me: word

Wanna Go for a Walk?

I try to take a walk every afternoon. It doesn’t always workout (today it’s rainy here), but I rarely go more than two days in a row without taking a nice long walk around “campus” here or, when I work from home, around Carderock Springs.

We’re meant to move.


If you’re reading this at your desk, let me ask you a question: when was the last time you took a break? Even better, when was the last time you took a walk outside while you were at work?

It may sound ridiculous, but the best way for me to boost productivity is to take breaks. Throughout the day, I take a small break (under 3 minutes) every hour, usually to grab a new cup of coffee. These small breaks are a great way for me to rest my eyes, stop thinking about work for a second, and talk to coworkers, but they never get me out of the office. To get some time out of the office (a real break), I typically take two walks a day, one before noon and one after. These walks are short, usually around 10 minutes, and provide benefits far greater than the “walk” to and from the Mr. Coffee can provide.

You aren’t meant to spend 8 hours a day sitting at your desk staring at a computer screen. It’s bad for your eyes, it’s bad for your body, it’s boring, and it’s terrible for productivity. Getting out of the office, even for few minutes can help with all of this. There’s just no substitute for the head-clearing, perspective-giving power of fresh air.

So if you’ve read this far and you’re still at your desk, get up and take a quick walk around the block. Your sanity, health, and productivity will thank you. Now, if you’ll excuse me, it’s beautiful outside.



Lisa: where do you live?
Shawn: Bethesda, MD
Lisa: looking for a facility near your house for the drug screen
Shawn: if there’s one near Reston that would probably be best
Lisa: can you do the test either today or tomorrow?
Shawn: Do I need a form or something?
Lisa: nope. just tell them you are there for a UA for SPrint Nextel and they’ll give you a form to fill out
Shawn: and they do the paperwork? I love it! (I really hate paperwork)
Lisa: He’s starting the background check today
Shawn: I think I have paperwork-o-phobia (if there is such a thing)
Lisa: lol
Shawn: it looks like there is no such thing!
Lisa: maybe it’s cutting edge
Shawn: it must be if I have it