Bug Juice!


Insect oil is a possible new source of the healthy omega-3 fatty acid. Insects make fatty acids by nature and can live on organic waste. Wageningen University examines which insects can best be used for oil and what their optimal diet should be.                                

Insects arealready used as a source of protein for man and beast. In the protein extraction process also oil is extracted. This insect oil is currently thrown away. That is a shame, proves researcher Daylan Tzompa Sosa of Wageningen University.

In her PhD-research, Tzompa Sosa looks at milkfats. Out of curiosity, she once did similar fat analysis with oil that was left over after protein extraction of insects by a lab colleague. “The oil appeared to contain a lot of fatty acids, both saturated and unsaturated.” In addition, Tzompa Sosa demonstrated that the oil can be extracted in an environmentally friendly way, giving also the highest return and the best quality oil compared to other
processes. Tzompa Sosa extracted oil from for instance meal worms, beetle larvae, crickets, cockroaches, grasshoppers and soldier flies. “All the oils smell differently, some nicer than others”, the Wageningen scientist says.

Apple Phones

IOS 4 bug on 3GS?

I think there’s definitely a bug in IOS for where you intermittently cannot hear through iphone. People can hear you but you can’t hear through the earpiece. You have to use Bluetooth or headphone and headphone is shown as an option even when not plugged in!

I’ve gotten this twice – yesterday, on my old iPhone 3GS and today on my brand new one.


Facebook Support

Facebook Support (via shawnblog)

Facebook is buggy. “Secret” event wall posts are shown to all. In my case, it was a password protected map link to my home address. I posted the password to the “secret” event’s wall. Of course, I didn’t know that wall post would be shown to everyone.