eHarmony? Don’t fool yourself! Excerpt from a chat with a (hottie) “little sister” type friend of mine…

Little sister: i passed eharmony test!
me: did you lie?
Little sister: LOL…..i dunno. I have many personalities… depends on the day


Gossip isn’t scandal and it’s not merely malicious. It’s chatter about the human race by lovers of the same.

Gossip isn’t scandal and it’s not merely malicious. It’s chatter about the human race by lovers of the same.

Phyllis McGinley, 1905 – 1978
Chatroulette Doritos

This is how it’s done, right here!

This is how it’s done right here…


“Mr. Math Genius”

  • her: …I need to lose 10 lbs
  • me: if you lose 10lbs I could pick you up with my baby toe
  • her: I’m 111 I need to be 100
  • me: then you “need” to lose eleven pounds
  • her: Yah, whatever mr math genius! H*aaa

Go Poo

  • Benjamin: muki!
  • me: yo yo yo
  • Benjamin:
  • me: I think I need one… the only thing is its not in real perspective
  • Benjamin: thats the cool part
  • me: might be kinda weird but that could just be part of the show
  • Benjamin: car interviews
  • me: yessir
  • Benjamin: i think its cool
  • me: I was thinking about that when I drove in today
  • Benjamin: yeah me too while i was taking a poo ;P

3 of 4 cars were broken into in our driveway… chat with housemate:

  • Travis: Seriously … I wish like hell I had known
  • me: they didn’t get into my ride
  • Travis: That’s good
  • me: probably because… it’s an Element! [nose wink]
  • Travis: I guess they didn’t want any granola
our freezing rain
My Element

free ice cream planning

  • Nat27: is it free icecream day?
  • me: yes – ben & jerry’s… im going back before I drive home and again when i get back to bethesda
  • Nat27: just drive around to all the diff ones – you should have taken the day off work
  • me: no doubt
  • Nat27: next year you will have to be better prepared
  • me: im gonna start planning right now
  • Nat27: make charts of all the locations
  • me: word

Planning Lunch

  • Shawn: Pho?
  • Parham: have a 12-1 meeting
  • Shawn: bah
  • Parham: I love that you are using bah… I am trying to bring taht word back into teh vocabulary
  • Shawn: I’ve been using bah since the first time I chatted on the web
  • Parham: yeah but in actual spoken vocab… step 1 of 2 steps to bring back the term bah humbug. Operation, “It’s not just for scrooge anymore”
  • Shawn: hahaahaha
  • Parham: what is scary is I am 100% serious

    Previous words I have attempted to bring back are Howdy, ya’ll and fixen… Howdy ya’ll I’m fixen to go to the store
  • Shawn: howdy is OK… fixen is just too degenerate hick for me
  • Parham: Yeah that was operation “You know virginia was the capitol of the south”
  • Shawn: ya’ll is Maryland lingo for sure
  • Parham: Operation “Georgia is for more than just peaches” was ya’ll

    I really need to start a blog
  • Shawn: you really do
  • Parham: nobody would read it… but I should start it
  • Shawn: build it and they will come
  • Parham: I saw a picture on Icanhascheezburger with that caption and a cat in a birdcage
  • Shawn: case in point

raw diet

  • nat27: the little things in life make me happy-we should make a list
  • me: a list of the little things? I’m down
  • nat27: cake batter ice cream from coldstone makes it on my list
  • me: I am not a cake batter ice cream fan. cake batter is gross.
  • nat27: how can you not like it? that is madness
  • me: i like my cake cooked. give me some cooked cake ice cream and I will probably focus on the bowl until it’s empty
  • nat27: I am sad that you dont appreciate cake batter
  • me: cake has always been a cooked item for me
  • nat27: what about cookie dough

sausage chat

  • Alex: BBQ Sunday at 4pm can you make it?
  • me: I think so
  • Alex: can you bring some of those now famous Shawn Honnick sausages?
  • me: yeah maybe… famous?
  • Alex: seems to be your thing–sausages that is
  • me: ok, you’re done
  • Alex: [equal smile]