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Petraeus pushed out after defending CIA over Benghazi?

A few days ago, one report on l’affaire Petraeus had CIA Direc­tor David Petraeus think­ing that he would sur­vive the expo­sure of an extra­mar­i­tal sex­u­al rela­tion­ship with his biog­ra­ph­er Paula Broad­well. That idea recei…


I mean, is the timing on this not completely obvious to people?

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CIA Black Helicoptors Today

I’ve heard stories about these on Coast to Coast and read about them a number of times elsewhere. I’ve always thought it plausible that unmarked aircraft runs “black ops” kinds of things (not that I would know anything about this) for CIA, NSA, etc.

I was  flabbergasted today when I saw what I presume to be the same set of two (2) unmarked black helicopters, flying low and in formation headed away, then toward and finally (?) back away from the location of CIA, which is just down a bit and across the Potomac River from my home. It’s times like this when I wish I’d listened to my Dad and taken time to learn more about photography because I’d surely own and maybe even have been carrying a camera capable of getting a good shot of them.

They were more sleek and stealthy looking than any helicopters I’ve ever seen!

So, when I got back from my walk, I had a few work tasks to take care of and I then I decided to find out about these things… and here it is: The TRUTH About Black Helicopters!

I’m glad I was able to gain a better understanding of these. Thank goodness for the Internet tubes and all the great information I can find here!