Another day in Maine

Another day in Maine…


A day in Maine

A day in Maine… me, Dad and Faye. She does not like the back seat. She hasn’t looked at me since the ride.


me and my Dad

Me and my Dad (by shawnblog)

OK, so it’s Father’s Day. I called my Dad earlier. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a visit and I’m looking forward to doing just that soon (maybe end of summer), but I can’t decide if I want to drive or fly.

I used to love driving up there because I would go see my grandmother (Dad’s Mom) on my way through New York, but she passed away. I have an aunt and cousin there still, but we’ve never been all that close.

Also, I can’t go through NYC without stopping in and spending way too much money. Plus, there are casinos in Connecticut. I haven’t gambled in a long time and I don’t really want to, but driving right by Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods always makes my mind wander.

Anyway, I probably should have taken THIS week off of work to go visit. That part of Maine where my Dad lives in the summer in a bug infested mess. Driving takes like 14 hours, so I need a week off just to recover after driving there and back.

I guess I need to plan a flight for late summer!

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2008 Simpsons linguistics jokes, collected

2008 Simpsons linguistics jokes, collected


16 fun facts about me!



yes, I know this is a little tedious, cheesy or whatnot but I figured what the hell. I’d really like to see the people I tagged do this too, pretty please?

Rules: Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 16 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 16 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

I was tagged by vb

  1. I take a lot of pictures of vanity plates.
  2. I was expelled from every school I attended before 12th grade.
  3. I made the principal’s list in 12th grade because I had a really hot teachers for English and Science that year.
  4. I was once a plumber. I am still frequently tempted to fix leaks and unclog drains.
  5. I made a lot of money in Multi Level Marketing but quit because it was a scam.
  6. I sold high end jewelry for a short while. Diamonds are also a scam.
  7. My desk at work is not at all clean or tidy. My desk at home is much worse. The rest of my house is really clean, but this is primarily due to housemates.
  8. I work for a fortune 100 company.
  9. I went to a KISS concert at age 9. That’s where it all started.
  10. My Dad tried to get me into photography throughout my childhood and, after ignoring the idea for most of my life, I now carry a camera phone and constantly take pictures and and “moblog” them as I go about my day. There’s actually another reason for this, but it’s as if I’m making up for lost time. My Dad looks at them all. He probably laughed really loud reading this.
  11. My first skateboard was made of wood and had wheels that were definitely not synthetic. I don’t think they even had ball bearings.
  12. I can play the guitar like ringin’ a bell.
  13. I love black olives on pizza. Bonus if they’re real Greek olives.
  14. I lived in the West Village for a while. Then Brooklyn, then UWS.
  15. I was a Mac hater until I got one. Now I only use a PC at work.
  16. I’ve never been tagged on one of these things and, not suprisingly, told myself they were dumb and I would never want to do it anyway…  🙂

now it’s your turn, i am tagging:

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Never Enough



In the early 90’s, I was working for Daymon Associates doing market research. I had been keenly observant of vanity plates for most of my life already, since my Dad used to figure them out on our drives back and forth from New York when I was a young kid. It was in this travel heavy job, that my constant vanity plate observations probably became much more thoughtful because I was on my own for 10-12 hours at a time—and looking at plenty of cars!

One day, walking out of what was then named Price Club (now Costco) on West Ox Road in Fairfax, VA, I noticed a Chevy Suburban being loaded up with several flat carts of merchandise from what must have been a very expensive shopping trip. The truck adorned the Virginia vanity plate: NEVERENF

At that age, the ideas of love, peace and happiness in a “less is more” lifestyle had not yet crossed my mind. If someone had suggested the truth that the more things you own, the more things own you, I might have laughed before disregarding them as foolish. New stuff was the answer, right!? It had to be… I wanted it!

Lust for more, greedy thoughts and hording are, sadly, the common mode of operation for many in our world. I don’t know if the vanity plate “NEVERENF” was social commentary on this observation or simply acknowledgment of the owners condition, but over the weekend, this distant memory came back as though it had happened yesterday.

I was in New York, attending a memorial service with friends for a great man. After a 4am departure from MD, we were meeting with the family at Carle Place Diner. In the bright, morning sunshine, one step before walking in the door of the diner, I turned and notice the Maryland vanity plate NEVERENF on an SUV.

A rush of the memories I’ve briefly described above came over me. As I told my friends, I was informed that the owner was a cousin in the family we were there attending the service for and it was later confirmed that it had been a Virginia plate years earlier, belonging to her brother!

I suddenly felt I must have a cosmic connection with vanity plates. Who knows, maybe all of us do! 🙂

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CIA Black Helicoptors Today

I’ve heard stories about these on Coast to Coast and read about them a number of times elsewhere. I’ve always thought it plausible that unmarked aircraft runs “black ops” kinds of things (not that I would know anything about this) for CIA, NSA, etc.

I was  flabbergasted today when I saw what I presume to be the same set of two (2) unmarked black helicopters, flying low and in formation headed away, then toward and finally (?) back away from the location of CIA, which is just down a bit and across the Potomac River from my home. It’s times like this when I wish I’d listened to my Dad and taken time to learn more about photography because I’d surely own and maybe even have been carrying a camera capable of getting a good shot of them.

They were more sleek and stealthy looking than any helicopters I’ve ever seen!

So, when I got back from my walk, I had a few work tasks to take care of and I then I decided to find out about these things… and here it is: The TRUTH About Black Helicopters!

I’m glad I was able to gain a better understanding of these. Thank goodness for the Internet tubes and all the great information I can find here!


My Dad, the “Mainer”

My Dad, the “Mainer”


What Bush’s invasion would look like in the United States

I’m just glad they’re skipping Maryland for the killings and the refugee nonsense. I was born here and I’ve been all over, but I like it here and I want to stay. My Dad lives up there in Maine though… I need to send this to him quick!

Seriously though, the creator(s) of this example used the most sparsely populated states for the killing and the next least dense (intended) areas for the refugees. Everyone here is in the major cities and on the coasts (with a few more in TX).

But it really is a strking visual.

What Bush’s invasion would look like in the United Statesnickdouglas