Your Dream Job




OK, let’s go on one of those reblogging sprees where you fill in the answers and shit.

Here we go: What’s your dream job? Why do you want this job? What would you do at this job?

Personally, I’d like to DJ full time and professionally in the UK. It’s something I’m still interested in after 7 years or so and I love to part, so it makes sense. I just want to sit up there in a booth or on a stage throwing down track after track and making people dance for hours.


When I retire, I want to work in a garden or a flower shop. I hate sitting at a desk and would love to do something with my hands. And why not be surrounded by beautiful things that smell nice. Plus you don’t have to really deal with people. It’s just you and the earth.

I want to be Anthony Bourdain.

I want to talk to people about life, vanity plates and the meanings behind them