We’re About To Be Living In A Drone-Filled World
Megan Rose Dickey,


When we hear about drones, some of us tend to think about war, destruc­tion, lost lives, and other hor­ri­ble things.

But there are sev­er­al other use cases for these unmanned aer­i­al vehi­cles that have noth­ing to do with…

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Personal Drones

Personal Drones like Personal Computers
Sam Harrelson,

The Drones Are Com­ing – Busi­ness Insid­er: “For exam­ple, if you’re a surfer who wants footage of your­self tear­ing up the waves, you would press a but­ton on your ‘follow-me box’ and the droid would fly out to you, posi­tion itself above you, …

I want a FLEET of these things!


The Pirate Bay fights Hollywood with hovering server drones

The Pirate Bay fights Hollywood with hovering server drones,

The Pirate Bay (TPB), which allows users to share media files via Bit­Tor­rent, plans to avoid shut­down by Hol­ly­wood by putting some of its servers in GPS con­trolled drones hov­er­ing over inter­na­tion­al waters, the TPB team told…