eHarmony? Don’t fool yourself! Excerpt from a chat with a (hottie) “little sister” type friend of mine…

Little sister: i passed eharmony test!
me: did you lie?
Little sister: LOL…..i dunno. I have many personalities… depends on the day


Go Poo

  • Benjamin: muki!
  • me: yo yo yo
  • Benjamin:
  • me: I think I need one… the only thing is its not in real perspective
  • Benjamin: thats the cool part
  • me: might be kinda weird but that could just be part of the show
  • Benjamin: car interviews
  • me: yessir
  • Benjamin: i think its cool
  • me: I was thinking about that when I drove in today
  • Benjamin: yeah me too while i was taking a poo ;P

free ice cream planning

  • Nat27: is it free icecream day?
  • me: yes – ben & jerry’s… im going back before I drive home and again when i get back to bethesda
  • Nat27: just drive around to all the diff ones – you should have taken the day off work
  • me: no doubt
  • Nat27: next year you will have to be better prepared
  • me: im gonna start planning right now
  • Nat27: make charts of all the locations
  • me: word

Bluetooth: fashion or foolish?

  • ollywompus: I wonder if ppl even realize that wearing a bt headset around all day makes you look like a tool
  • Shawn: …and I thought it made me look COOL 🙂
  • ollywompus: Then you are admitting that you used to be a tool?
  • Shawn: …wearing my BT with no regret, ever minute of the day! 🙂

true dat

  • Erica: you are off the hook for sunday…
  • Erica: thanks for oferring
  • Shawn: cool… i rather like being off the hook 🙂
  • Erica: true dat…