My wife, Roselyn, is a day care teacher here in Washington DC. The place where she works accepts “vouchers”, which means that the parents of the children pay nothing for the day care service because of arrangements they have made with the government to provide coverage of the costs of what would normally be the responsibility of the parent.

Just before Christmas, we bumped into one of the parents while out “holiday” shopping at Bloomingdale’s. This is not a normal shopping destination for us, but I wanted more Nespresso “pods” to go with the awesome Nespresso U Bundle Roselyn got me for Christmas so I could serve guests a nice cappuccino and to show off my great early gift a little at our Christmas Eve party. (Bloomingdale’s has a Nespresso Boutique in upper Northwest DC).

Walking away from the woman, Roselyn explained to me that she was the parent of one of the children at her work. I was somewhat shocked, knowing that the parents receive free day care from the city (a welfare benefit) because this woman looked and dressed the part of a Mademoiselle Magazine cover and she was carrying 4 Big Brown Bags.

Now, each day when I drop Roselyn off for work, I’m noticing a number of the parents unloading and picking up their kids in late model BMW, Mercedes, and top of the line Cadillac sedans. Roselyn also reports to me that the kids of the nicer car driving/very well dressed “parents” are more frequently unbathed and wearing the same clothes to school 3-4 days in a row than those of the truly struggling kids (with parents driving older cars and dressing the part of an “average” parent).

This photo reminded me of this “phenomena” which disgusts me every time I take her to or pick her up from work. I see these “parents” picking small kids up high in the air with one hand by the shoulder socket and throwing them down to the ground and other abusive tactics that make me wonder if my lifelong assertion that most people are “good” is just not true.

The type of scene portrayed in this photo is real life for kids like this one. It exists 2 blocks from my front door where I see it 5 days a week. Its probably happening not far from you right now.

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This is how it’s done, right here!

This is how it’s done right here…

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