Wannabe Googlewhack

This is not a Googlewhack!
Hyphenated words aside, everyone knows quotes disqualify any attempt at a Googlewhack!

I thought I had one anyway… and I believe, technically, I do! A Googlewhack is two words, but mine was “scary-world” (hyphenated) followed by “vibe” and, as of this writing, it returns a random bulletin board type post from some gaming forum from 4 years ago—and the poster didn’t even hyphenate! my “scary world vibe” begins with a hyphenated “scary-world”, so I was REALLY feeling (strongly) like this was, in fact, a legitimate Googlewhack.

I was (still am as of this post) writing a post about the 1968 riots and my Mom and I (we were there) with some comparison/contrast to the situation now in June 2020. In that piece (again, not finished yet) I am thinking of using “scary-world vibe” in comparing the riots of 1968 and the riots of June 2020 to a moment when I was working right near where I was born shortly after having moved back to the DC area from NYC just after 9/11 (because of how shaken everyone was from that event).

composing a blog post in WordPress

But alas, I used quotes. I should have remembered. Back when I anyone who was smart and tried long enough could actually get an occasional Googlewhack, everyone knew that you could NOT use quotes. I did. It was still a blip of geek-excitement—just long enough to take the screenshots and start a fresh post!

Okay, back to the long story about me and DC during multiple riots… stay tuned!