free ice cream planning

  • Nat27: is it free icecream day?
  • me: yes – ben & jerry’s… im going back before I drive home and again when i get back to bethesda
  • Nat27: just drive around to all the diff ones – you should have taken the day off work
  • me: no doubt
  • Nat27: next year you will have to be better prepared
  • me: im gonna start planning right now
  • Nat27: make charts of all the locations
  • me: word

raw diet

  • nat27: the little things in life make me happy-we should make a list
  • me: a list of the little things? I’m down
  • nat27: cake batter ice cream from coldstone makes it on my list
  • me: I am not a cake batter ice cream fan. cake batter is gross.
  • nat27: how can you not like it? that is madness
  • me: i like my cake cooked. give me some cooked cake ice cream and I will probably focus on the bowl until it’s empty
  • nat27: I am sad that you dont appreciate cake batter
  • me: cake has always been a cooked item for me
  • nat27: what about cookie dough

Marble Slab Creamery (5/5)

First I thought I liked Cold Stone. I do, but then I started liking Maggie Moo’s. Then I tried Marble Slab. I’m now a card carrying, mildly obsessed, junkie for the “experience” these guys bring when I walk through the door. And I’ve already redeemed a freebie card with no fluctuation to that experience. These places are basically the same. Premium ice cream with “stuff” folded in on a “slab” (the counter), while you watch. The items you can choose (stuff) vary somewhat, but it’s your basic oreo crumbs, heath, nuts, jimmies, etc. and each place has wonderful waffle cones and waffle cone cups. I’m sure there are bright energetic crews working at various Cold Stone and MM locations (there are many locations), but the people working at Marble Slab in Kentlands have a lot more on the ball than the folks I’ve encountered in their competitor’s shops in the area. The ice cream seemed a lot better here also. Maybe it was the “experience” that made it so great? You be the judge! 🙂 (via Shawn H. on Yelp)


White Mountain Creamery (5/5)

While driving up Nicholson Lane late a few nights ago, I had a late evening ice cream craving. I remembered a great place just over the hill and to the right. I made the move. It was gone. Not closed. Empty. Out of business!

A sad day in ice cream history for sure. (via Shawn H. on Yelp)