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Jailbreaking as a Career Path to Being a Spy

That’s it… I’ll be a spy!


Ubuntu on Lifebook

About a month ago, I finally got up the nerve to wipe the Windows (and install Ubuntu) on my old Fujitsu P7120 Lifebook. I was quite surprised when a notification that my battery may have been recalled appeared on the screen immediately after installing the new OS.

I followed the link Ubuntu gave to the machine it had only just started living in a minute before (something Microsoft had somehow failed to do, ever). A few minutes later, I had confirmed my battery was indeed part of the recall. Fujitsu’s web site issued a confirmation email. I was ecstatic that a six year old notebook was about to get a new battery.

Several weeks passed, so I checked their confirmation email and found my order number on, where the status was still at RECEIVED. This this should have shipped at least the same week, so I called the toll free number and pressed the buttons. Fun.

The Fujitsu support person was somewhat clueless. After I told him I had an order number and confirmation, he still took me through the whole process of making the claim again. So, after reading off the serial number, battery lot number, and my address and everything directly from the confirmation email, I finally successfully reiterated (for the fourth time in that phone call) that the web site had already confirmed eligibility and generated my new battery order.

Once this had finally been established, my case was “escalated” and I was instructed to wait for a call from an “Escalation Specialist” within 2-3 days. The fact that it takes that long for something that’s “escalated” to receive attention makes me want to become an industry expert or consultant or something.

Anyway, I got the call yesterday. The person who took care of me really did a great job. We discovered the battery program had long since been discontinued, as the recall was in 2006 when the machine was still pretty new.

Also, I was told this machine was actually registered to the seller, Portable One instead of me as a private owner. That web site has a really good reputation, but I remember they severed their relationship with Fujitsu almost simultaneously with my purchase. Fujitsu told me that they may have received the recall notification and failed to forward it to me back in 2006. Of course, I also might have deleted any email from them thinking it was some kind of email marketing effort.

My “Escalation Specialist” worked around the expired recall program, changing the owner information to me instead of the reseller and placing the replacement battery order as a parts order at no charge. Props to Fujitsu for empowering their employee to do the right thing.

I gave this notebook to my Mom a few years after I bought it (a few years ago now), so it had been out of sight/mind for quite a while. When I later bought her a new notebook, I stuck the P7120 in a bag that sat on a shelf by my desk for over a year. 

I’ve frequently considered either converting it into a “netbook” (even though it has an 80GIG HD) or maybe installing some other form of Linux on it since Windows was beyond broken when I replaced it as my Mom’s computer.

So, the brand new battery showed up perfectly on schedule for me today. It’s charging right now. When my Lifebook was brand new, the battery lasted some ridiculously long period of time. In later years, it would only last around 15 minutes, which I don’t think had anything to  do with the recall… so if this battery is anywhere new in condition, I’ll have a truly portable system again. 

Of course, I have an iPad, so I don’t even know why I would want or need to bring this thing somewhere… but it’s not a bad deal for free, right?


STM iPad Bag

iPad bag search?


I bought this STM bag more than a few years ago when I just had to have what they were then calling an “ultra portable” notebook. The smallest Fujitsu Lifebook was, to say the least, not exactly awesome.

So, whatever. A few years ago, I gave that computer to my Mom because I thought she might start using email instead of leaving me voice mail. Yeah, oh well. Later, the machine started not allowing Windows update to authenticate and it was crashing a lot, so I took it back (still not fixed, now a paperweight) and got her a brand new PC notebook. She uses it about once a month or so. I still get the voice mails all the time.

So, this bag…

I ordered this through either Amazon or eBay. It was a glove like, perfect fit for that Fujitsu when I had it in the Zeroshock sleeve. It was almost too tight because I had to shove the power supply in and tightly close the bag, but it was OK. The bag itself is really nice, made of the standard poly canvas like stuff with nice stitching all around, open and closed pockets with velcro and zips and a somewhat heavy duty design.

A few weeks ago, I was looking for iPad bags and really couldn’t find any that I liked. I have my iPad in an Otterbox Defender case, so carrying it without a bag is okay most of the time, but there are times when I either don’t have a free hand or just want to have iPad, power supply and anything else I need ready to go in one place, so I bag would be good. I have a few other bags that are cavernous with only an iPad inside, so something smaller was necessary.

I was searching around for ideas of what to do with the old Fujitsu at some point (I’m probably going to kill Windows and install Jolicloud), I suddenly remembered my old STM “Alley” bag. I called my Mom about 10 days ago and asked her if she remembered the computer she had before that I took back… and the bag… and YES! She had the bag!

This was really all I wanted for Christmas. That 10 day wait reminded me of being a kid, waiting for various presents I usually got tired of within 72 hours. I’m so glad to have this bag again and doubt I’ll become bored with it any time soon!

Do you have an iPad and, if so, are you using a special bag to carry it around?


SugarSync Gmail Spam

I was greeted with the little red banded warning message below by Gmail yesterday, suggesting that my account had been accessed (presumably hacked) from Romania. I was, at first, very alarmed, but realized that granting SugarSync permission to send invitations to my Gmail contacts must have been the cause.

Gmail security warning message.

Needless to say, I was not in Romania.

If you received multiple invites from me for SugarSync, I must have more than one email address for you in my Gmail contacts. Sorry for the SPAM!

I’m not all that  impressed with SugarSync. Dropbox is much cleaner and easy to use.

I’m STILL looking for a way to select and upload multiple files from iPhone. I know the control to do this exists in IOS because I’ve seen it in native iPhone apps. Pixelpipe allows for multiple upload, but I still can’t do any multiple file manipulation from iPhone or iPad. I want to be able to move a group of files into a folder on Dropbox. I’d also really like to be able to compress/resize a batch of images from iPhone/iPad before moving them into a folder.

Seriously, is this too much to ask?