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my first phone




I had that same phone.

My daughter will have something MUCH cooler, but not until she’s at least 7 🙂



First 12 hours: ACCESSORIZING #iphone #pink #boxing #gloves (at Howard University Hospital)


New York City just approved a pilot program that will allow riders to hail cabs on their smartphones



New York City just approved a pilot program that will allow riders to hail cabs on their smartphones, paving the way for app-building upstarts trying to make the journey as enjoyable as the destination.

This should be a boon to Uber — and stranded cab riders everywhere.

This is great news. Uber and others are truly useful. It has been upsetting to see the taxi industry winning in their effort to stop this type of innovation. Good ideas should always be supported and embraced.

I wonder how long it will take Apple to just build the functionality to hail a cab into their maps? Oh wait, they fired the maps guy and their maps sucks. Okay, I guess Google will do it for us!

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Jailbreaking as a Career Path to Being a Spy

That’s it… I’ll be a spy!


Surveillance Party


Andy Singer


Rate Instagram!

Instagram is a great iPhone app that is so much more than the features it offers. If you have an iPhone, you should get it and, if you love it, write a review.

I wrote one a while back from the prompt given within the app, so I have been perplexed and a little annoyed by the continual prompt given each time I use the app. I know, I can (and will) just say “No, Thanks” and it will stop bugging me, but that’s not the point. I wrote a review already. Hello? Stop bugging me!

Anyway, it is a great app (I wrote a very good really short but good review). If you love it, I hope you write one too. I just hope they fix this nag screen so that it “knows” when you’ve submitted a review. It takes away from the experience.

UPDATE: Because of my prior 2 line review, I just wrote something a little more thoughtful… NOW STOP BUGGING ME!

I knew I already wrote a review! (by Shawn Honnick)


SugarSync Gmail Spam

I was greeted with the little red banded warning message below by Gmail yesterday, suggesting that my account had been accessed (presumably hacked) from Romania. I was, at first, very alarmed, but realized that granting SugarSync permission to send invitations to my Gmail contacts must have been the cause.

Gmail security warning message.

Needless to say, I was not in Romania.

If you received multiple invites from me for SugarSync, I must have more than one email address for you in my Gmail contacts. Sorry for the SPAM!

I’m not all that  impressed with SugarSync. Dropbox is much cleaner and easy to use.

I’m STILL looking for a way to select and upload multiple files from iPhone. I know the control to do this exists in IOS because I’ve seen it in native iPhone apps. Pixelpipe allows for multiple upload, but I still can’t do any multiple file manipulation from iPhone or iPad. I want to be able to move a group of files into a folder on Dropbox. I’d also really like to be able to compress/resize a batch of images from iPhone/iPad before moving them into a folder.

Seriously, is this too much to ask?

Apple Phones

I keep reading things like this…

I keep reading things like this…

Apple Phones

IOS 4 bug on 3GS?

I think there’s definitely a bug in IOS for where you intermittently cannot hear through iphone. People can hear you but you can’t hear through the earpiece. You have to use Bluetooth or headphone and headphone is shown as an option even when not plugged in!

I’ve gotten this twice – yesterday, on my old iPhone 3GS and today on my brand new one.