Why did Apple break iTunes?

It used to be that when I opened a new mp3 file from a folder, iTunes highlighted that file as it played. If I decided I didn’t want it in my library after listening to it for a few minutes (or three seconds), I could just switch back to that screen and quickly delete the entry from my iTunes library.

A few (?) versions ago, Apple updated the software with some new features and somehow dropped this very intuitive, useful feature that I believe always existed in the software since the first version. Why?


Google Voice Transcription

Google 4 east… lease… 4 days and… parade?

I thought Google Voice might serve me well as a voice to text tool that I could use from my phone, but it needs a little work. My annunciation may not be the clearest, but this misses almost as much as it gets right when I’m speaking very slowly.

Google Voice Transcript

Google Voice transciption a grade of C- or maybe only D+ because urine was transcribed from “you know” (should have been skipped as inaudible) and “Google Voice” somewhat randomly became Google 4 east, Google lease and Google 4 days in 3 of five occurrences of the name. A 60% failure rate with… your own name will not earn high marks in any test!

I like how it shows words that may not be accurate in a lighter color. It’s an awesome way to get voicemail because you also get a handy .mp3 version.

The time limit is three minutes. I tend to run on and think out loud, so this would become frustrating for me.

Does anyone know of a service that transcribes incoming calls to text like this but BETTER without the time limit?

Here’s the full text transcript:

well i’m just if i’m calling the right number this is for shawn not contacts doable voice and i am trying to call that number now i’m just a test and see that it does and even if it works and then my effort to do so that’s far i am actually on the phone that what was formerly grand central now google 4 east would have paying your urine call me me at however it didn’t ring but maybe somehow google voice knows but i’m calling google voice on that so it does that ring through usually i would get you know i’ll call waiting to on that another calls coming in well on the phone so i’m not real sure or how that all works or or maybe not while it’s ringing maybe it doesn’t you know about it but marty connected to google 4 days well at that point so i don’t know you know if the would have prohibited call waiting or not in any case what i’m doing now is leaving this voice message on what i would hope this still my google or lease phone number and i i’m leaving a voice message while driving and to into washington D C right now i’m in kensington maryland and i’m also with with this test message and probably being quite a bit more or for a close that i would normally be while leaving a message on voicemail for a couple of reasons the first reason is that i am and i am trying to determine exactly or how long a message can be left on google 4 east with this service because it’s just a free service is should be quite useful to me as vora’s to tax software from my phone which is quite nifty it i would be able to if if if it allows me to leave very long messages hopefully you’ll be able to leave message is of the length of a parade