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WTF Nando’s!?

• I love Nando’s

• I love outdoor dining

• I love Rio

But P L E A S E give me real flatware, a stack of napkins, and the soda machine (paper cups are fine I guess).

Livers and wings have been in every order I’ve ever placed here. But you’re out? Not cool. At all. Oh yeah and corn. Corn would be good.

Seriously, I get that the community sauce jars are not a great idea during a pandemic, but you’re obviously washing the plates and bowls with a high temp commercial dish machine, so why not real flatware? I understand the touch screen soda machine might be a bad idea, but also why no kids apple juice?

Huge fail. You can do better. The end.
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Fast Food Napkins – Ranked


  1. Taco Bell
    • Tri-fold
    • Brown
    • Super absorbent
  2. Burger King
    • Tri-fold
    • Moderately absorbent
  3. Subway
    • Large
    • Moderately absorbent
  4. Wendy’s
    • Yellow
    • Not very absorbent
  5. McDonalds
    • Not at all absorbent
  6. Sweet Lord
    • I eat too
    • Much fast food.