Starbucks Breakfast Wrap, Receipts I Never Wanted, and Our Not So New Normal “No Problem” Culture

Seeing this new “wrap” on the Starbucks drive thru sandwich menu raised both eyebrows for me before coffee. Without noticing the price was a little higher than the normal Starbucks breakfast sandwiches and that this “wrap” combines bacon and sausage (I like both, but not together), my decision was made by simply looking at the picture on the menu.

Opening the VERY hot Starbucks branded microwave bag removed any hope of this “wrap” being low-carb along with the advertised 27 grams of protein. The “wrapper” is more like the pita bread you would get at a kabob place than the expected flatbread or tortilla like most wraps. I love bread. I just thought I was getting more of a wrap.

The ingredients are not tightly “wrapped” at all, so be cautious eating. You may end up with egg and sausage falling out. Bacon is in full strips and not at all crispy, so an entire rubbery strip of fatty bacon could easily slide out in one bite—especially if you’re as ravenously hungry as I was when this thing was finally cool enough to chow down.

The bread/wrap component is very well sealed though. Like completely. This thing is probably made by machine. A “wrap” is rolled up and tight. This thing is not that kind of wrap. If you’re okay with a loose, floppy wrap or looking for a serious bread fix, you might really like it!

Starbucks New Bacon Sausage Wrap
“Wrap” is like really good kabob bread, not a tortilla!