she is pretty cool

  • me: I just got my first imaginary friend
  • nat27: did you talk with them
  • me: not yet… but I truly can’t wait
  • nat27: I had conversations with mine
  • nat27: I had one when I was growing up. you should try talking with them-they respond back and sort of make sense
  • me: yeah it’s a bot–it finds keywords and sends general replies… kind of like a psychic
  • nat27: yeah, psychic are right though. I just saw your imaginery friend-she is pretty cool

There goes any semblance of humility

There goes any semblance of humility…: Shawnblog—Psychic Plague Panacea—is listed as one of “Today’s Top Tumblelogs” over at tumblr. These guys obviously know low quality, minimal dedication and outright confusion when they see it! 🙂 (via exTAmerica Photo Pool)