Ozomatli at The State Theatre

Seven short years ago, I used to drive by The State Theatre. After a four year “startup” learning experience with, I got into the habit of snapping a camera phone picture when I’d drive by.

This kind of random camera phone activity had some “TA” users calling me a hipster in 2002. I didn’t even know what that was. The name callers, not knowing me well enough to know that skinny jeans and me could never be a thing, had fallen victim to the actual “thing” that happens online all the time

After the long and dismal learning experience (and failure) of “TA” and in my return to a Fortune 100 J.O.B., I pointed here to Tumblr and have rarely looked back. In the early times on Tumblr, this site somehow got permanently featured on their main page for some time and I was one of those cool kids. Almost a hipster even!

So, this picture was one of those very random drive by shots. I guess it’s not bad. I recall so for a few seconds before posting it to everyone over at exTAmerica on Flickr which was, at the time, set to auto post here on Shawn Blog.

They sound amazing!

Ozomatli (by shawnblog)