Planning Lunch

  • Shawn: Pho?
  • Parham: have a 12-1 meeting
  • Shawn: bah
  • Parham: I love that you are using bah… I am trying to bring taht word back into teh vocabulary
  • Shawn: I’ve been using bah since the first time I chatted on the web
  • Parham: yeah but in actual spoken vocab… step 1 of 2 steps to bring back the term bah humbug. Operation, “It’s not just for scrooge anymore”
  • Shawn: hahaahaha
  • Parham: what is scary is I am 100% serious

    Previous words I have attempted to bring back are Howdy, ya’ll and fixen… Howdy ya’ll I’m fixen to go to the store
  • Shawn: howdy is OK… fixen is just too degenerate hick for me
  • Parham: Yeah that was operation “You know virginia was the capitol of the south”
  • Shawn: ya’ll is Maryland lingo for sure
  • Parham: Operation “Georgia is for more than just peaches” was ya’ll

    I really need to start a blog
  • Shawn: you really do
  • Parham: nobody would read it… but I should start it
  • Shawn: build it and they will come
  • Parham: I saw a picture on Icanhascheezburger with that caption and a cat in a birdcage
  • Shawn: case in point