Taipei Tokyo Cafe 1 (3/5)

As a sushi review, only three stars. Convenience would be four. The “Chinese” food? four stars also, but I almost always get the sushi. It’s not the best sushi. They mass make the rolls as the lunch hour progresses because of the half price lunch roll deal (best sushi deal in town). It’s a step above grocery store sushi (Whole Foods) but nothing like Uni, Tako or Sushi Ko. No, it’s not great. The place itself is pretty ghetto also. But the price and the location make it a top pick among many for lunch. I’ve occasionally had dinner there. They have a few newer, much nicer locations but they all seem very different and this is the only one I have visited regularly (because of the convenience of the location for me). If it’s lunchtime during the week and you are on a budget, but want sushi, this is the only place and you will be happy. (via Shawn H. on Yelp)

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