The actual business plan was that Clear would do detailed background checks on travellers, who would then be trusted to bypass security completely because they were extra-super-trustworthy.

The eternal optimism of the Clear mind – Joel on Software

I just went through the TSA screening process, so this is a topic I’d really like some answers on… like, has even one single shoe bomb been found since they started doing the absolutely silly shoes off shuffle with every passenger at every airport? Has anything even remotely suspect been found in a shoe? Anything?

Maybe I should read “the news” more often, but TSA is a joke. The agent who was checking ID’s joked that she was going to the TSA screener of the year awared today (because she was really fast and super friendly-unlike about 99% of the clowns I encountered during the whole laptop/shoes/conveyor belt act.

When I carried my plastic trays over to my seat, one of the agents followed me and stood very much inside of my personal space while I put my shoes back on and re-bagged my laptop, scooping up my two plastic trays with a slight scowl as though some security risk had just been averted.

Yeah, I love flying.

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