The Happy Accident

My bloated, directionless WordPress blog,, was either hacked or corrupted in some other way and I failed to restore the content. I really never chose a topic and was spending far too much time and, as much as I’d like to think I should be, I’m not on the A, B or C list of bloggers.

It seems that, with the “social web” and “web 2.0” direction things seem to be moving in, the passionate argument I used to make (that web based, hosted solutions are better for the mainstream and therefore, will be more likely to grow and become wildly popular) when I worked for TA may have been correct (of course).

Look at all the browser based, hosted “apps” out there! Who needs to install something and administer scripts when you can just use the latest and greatest newly developed services at will?

I might always maintain a more static page somewhere but it will not be something I have to upgrade and tweak all the time. Not hating (at all), just seeing that the blog idea might be old (finally) or evolving as anything that grows must do.

This looks like a great service. For now Soon, is “running” Serendipity will be fed by tumblr and it’s going to get about 75% 78% less of my time.

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