Bing is basically dumb

When I learn that I am #1 on Google for a certain keyword or search phrase, I get pretty fired up. There was a time, back in the days of working for a certain “moblog” provider that was at the forefront of all of this, that a Google search for my first name, Shawn, would give as the #1 result.

I’ve basically been depressed ever since that ended, but there are brief moments like this (even though it’s only Bing), when I momentarily recapture the that spirit and nurture my inner nerd.

Ah yes… I’m famous among Chipotle employees looking for mobile phones. It won’t last long (nor will the discounts, I’m sure), but what a RUSH… these are exciting times, yes!?

The original post was a chat with a Verizon employee (a librarian at their office) about employee discounts. I have a link labeled and frequently post about Chipotle because I started and maintain The Chipotle Pool on Flickr, so Bing is basically dumb even though it all makes sense to web geeks and other such fools.

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