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Nerds in my oatmeal

The COVID-19 era has landed me in a position I never could have imagined. I jokingly call myself “School Lunch Dad” nowadays when people ask what I “do” (other than driving in circles). Of course, my new title is kinda real…most of my daily responsibilities surround my daughter and her virtual schooling, which I will share MANY thoughts on…later. Mostly I make her meals and snacks. She’s a pretty good student, even on a Chromebook. She must get that from her Mom!

Today, as I plopped down on the couch for my late morning oats (I make us both an egg centered breakfast MUCH earlier each morning), I saw this empty box of Nerds…just sitting there…on the couch. We’re still working on the whole “clean up” idea around here—and by “we” on that topic, I’m definitely included. Later, I let her know I was throwing the box away for her. She protested heavily. It’s a nice box apparently.

Anyway, I found myself briefly wondering if some weirdo on the Internet (it’s true, I’m not woke enough for such nonsense) may have actually tried Nerds in oatmeal. Turns out, maybe (?) not!

* I have never put Nerds or any other candy (other than raisins if you consider Sun Maid “Timeless & Trusted” California Sun Dried Raisins as candy) in my oatmeal.

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WTF Nando’s!?

• I love Nando’s

• I love outdoor dining

• I love Rio

But P L E A S E give me real flatware, a stack of napkins, and the soda machine (paper cups are fine I guess).

Livers and wings have been in every order I’ve ever placed here. But you’re out? Not cool. At all. Oh yeah and corn. Corn would be good.

Seriously, I get that the community sauce jars are not a great idea during a pandemic, but you’re obviously washing the plates and bowls with a high temp commercial dish machine, so why not real flatware? I understand the touch screen soda machine might be a bad idea, but also why no kids apple juice?

Huge fail. You can do better. The end.

Wannabe Googlewhack

This is not a Googlewhack!
Hyphenated words aside, everyone knows quotes disqualify any attempt at a Googlewhack!

I thought I had one anyway… and I believe, technically, I do! A Googlewhack is two words, but mine was “scary-world” (hyphenated) followed by “vibe” and, as of this writing, it returns a random bulletin board type post from some gaming forum from 4 years ago—and the poster didn’t even hyphenate! my “scary world vibe” begins with a hyphenated “scary-world”, so I was REALLY feeling (strongly) like this was, in fact, a legitimate Googlewhack.

I was (still am as of this post) writing a post about the 1968 riots and my Mom and I (we were there) with some comparison/contrast to the situation now in June 2020. In that piece (again, not finished yet) I am thinking of using “scary-world vibe” in comparing the riots of 1968 and the riots of June 2020 to a moment when I was working right near where I was born shortly after having moved back to the DC area from NYC just after 9/11 (because of how shaken everyone was from that event).

composing a blog post in WordPress

But alas, I used quotes. I should have remembered. Back when I anyone who was smart and tried long enough could actually get an occasional Googlewhack, everyone knew that you could NOT use quotes. I did. It was still a blip of geek-excitement—just long enough to take the screenshots and start a fresh post!

Okay, back to the long story about me and DC during multiple riots… stay tuned!


Starbucks Breakfast Wrap, Receipts I Never Wanted, and Our Not So New Normal “No Problem” Culture

Seeing this new “wrap” on the Starbucks drive thru sandwich menu raised both eyebrows for me before coffee. Without noticing the price was a little higher than the normal Starbucks breakfast sandwiches and that this “wrap” combines bacon and sausage (I like both, but not together), my decision was made by simply looking at the picture on the menu.

Opening the VERY hot Starbucks branded microwave bag removed any hope of this “wrap” being low-carb along with the advertised 27 grams of protein. The “wrapper” is more like the pita bread you would get at a kabob place than the expected flatbread or tortilla like most wraps. I love bread. I just thought I was getting more of a wrap.

The ingredients are not tightly “wrapped” at all, so be cautious eating. You may end up with egg and sausage falling out. Bacon is in full strips and not at all crispy, so an entire rubbery strip of fatty bacon could easily slide out in one bite—especially if you’re as ravenously hungry as I was when this thing was finally cool enough to chow down.

The bread/wrap component is very well sealed though. Like completely. This thing is probably made by machine. A “wrap” is rolled up and tight. This thing is not that kind of wrap. If you’re okay with a loose, floppy wrap or looking for a serious bread fix, you might really like it!

Starbucks New Bacon Sausage Wrap
“Wrap” is like really good kabob bread, not a tortilla!
Music Records

Minnetonka Weather Report

If you’re looking for the 15 day weather forecast, you can probably find it somewhere online pretty quickly. I never even knew there was a Minnetonka, MN until selling my latest record on Discogs.

He had a lot of great jazz records, but Weather Report was my Dad’s absolute favorite group. If you’ve never heard Jaco Pastorius playing bass, you have missed out. Completely.

Anyway, one more (Domino Theory) from his collection will ship out to Minnetonka sometime this week. I always like to listen before I ship. Enjoy!


Another record sold!

A buyer in Australia just ordered my copy of this:

George Gershwin Accompanied By Michael Tilson Thomas Conducting The Columbia Jazz Band ‎– Rhapsody In Blue (The 1925 Piano Roll)

Discogs has proven to be a reliable marketplace for selling records. I still have around 400 (down from over 800), but the sales keep trickling in. If you’re into vinyl, you’ll find what you want somewhere on Discogs…start at my store and browse around from there!


BBQ… and crabs!

Strangely, there are no pictures of the crabs (oh, and and steamed shrimp). I paid cash, so there’s also no record. They’re definitely all gone. Some of this other yummy stuff is lingering in the fridge, but not for long! I don’t even think Sophia and her friends were aware there was food.


The Ultimate Guide to Cleaning Your Icky AirPods

So I finally DID this. Not super difficult.

It’s like I have new AirPods now. Noticeable improvement in sound quality and no more cringing every time I look at them before sticking them into my ear holes!


Tumblr no more!

I deleted over 7,000 posts from the “old” Tumblr instance of

I know Tumblr was acquired by Automattic, but the way it was being managed after Yahoo pawned it off to Verizon made my inner-geek long for recycled electrons that just weren’t there. So I decided to start yet another WordPress blog and go at this once again.

Not so ironically, a long ago failed attempt at this WordPress wizardry is what led me to Tumblr back when it first launched. It was awesome for longer than most things that come and go online. Certainly leaps and bounds beyond my own failed startup experience at 😎


Starbucks locations inside Safeway should be marked as such on maps!

Starbucks locations that are inside a Safeway or other store should always be marked as such. I can’t stand going to one and then finding out it’s a grocery store. I want to go inside of a Starbucks and sit down.